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Water is life. Preserving and respecting the flow of this life-giving resource should be at the heart of sustainable development efforts at every scale. Sociology Majors Karen and Jackie know that Hydro flasks and thrift store finds help us to cut the crap while looking good.
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow? With Hella Compost Because This Shit Is Gold. #BuildSoil
We Know That Another World Is Possible. Knowledge is Power! Soaking Up Some Bell Hooks And Peter Joseph. #TheNewHumanRightsMovement #TeachingCommunity


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Future Site Of The Family & Student Housing Community Herb Garden!
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Student Volunteers helping us to remove invasive ice plant at the West Campus Community Gardens. #BuildCommunity #GrowGardens
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Sociology Majors Tessa and Claudia, feeling victorious after some hard work in the Family Student Housing Community Gardens. #gettheiceplantout
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Boy are these Oil rigs an eyesore! Easton loves exploring low tide at Coal Oil Point, and wants you to keep fighting for our Oceans. #F*ckFossilFuels #NoMoreOilSpills
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Come Check us out on Madrid across from the IV Market. #recycledbikes #IVCommunityBikeCenter
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Phillip The Bike Guy, The Man, The Myth, The Legend. One of The Wisest People I Know. He’s got the Vision and loves teaching us How to be Bike Smart In IV! #TheBikeGuy #IVCommunityBikeCenter #SupportBlackOwnedBusinesses
#RequiredReading #BeautifulTrouble
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